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With this post I wanted to expand on our previous article — Marketing Funnel. What we do for you.– by digging in a little deeper into the 4 different parts of the Marketing Funnel system after your onboarding process has been completed.

As you can probably tell by the title above we are going to focus on The Offer, which is step number 1 in your marketing funnel.

Let’s Get Started!

Before we begin, I have to say that there are many ways to come up with an offer for your ads and funnel. You could just decide on discounting a product and service. Your offer could feature an upgrade to a current product or service. Or the offer could be simply what you feel will get customers beating down your door to get the offer redeemed. However, I believe the best way to create an offer that works well is to begin by looking at two things:

  • Audience of ad and funnel
  • Goal of ad and funnel

The Audience

When deciding on an offer you must think about who you are making the offer to. You wouldn’t want to make an offer for a 55 and over community to someone who is only 25 years old. I mean you could, but chances are they wouldn’t be interested and you just wasted marketing dollars. You also need to know if your audience is considered a cold, warm, or hot audience in terms of them knowing and trusting your business. This will affect the type and length of the sales funnel you will be running.

Another thing you will want to keep in mind is how you will appeal to the audience with your offer. To get a quick overview of different ways to appeal to your audience read the post – 23 Types of Advertising Appeals Most Commonly Used by Brands.

Goals are Important

If you want to give your offer a proper chance in succeeding, you have to know what that success looks like. Simply put, before you are even thinking of the offer you need to know what you want this offer to accomplish.

Are you trying to give away free stuff like appetizers, discount coupons/codes, and other low dollar (to your audience) offers? Or are you trying to offer higher dollar offers like live events, coaching courses, and even “Done for You” services like our very own Marketing Funnel system? Your end goal will affect what your offer or offers are and it will also determine the number of steps in your funnel. 

If your goal is to get people to redeem a low dollar offer then your offers will be more simple and to the point. If your goal is to get people to redeem a high dollar offer, you will need to craft an offer that is more detailed

Putting the Offer Together.

With your audience and goal in mind, you can now begin to build your offer. If your audience is a cold audience ( one who doesn’t know your business) your offer should be one that is geared toward getting people to know and trust you. If your audience is cold, you don’t want to go for the sale right away. However, an offer that offers a discounted product or service, could in reality, work as an offer to get your audience to know you as well as count as a sale. But, for this type of offer to work, the offer needs to be low cost to your audience. 

If your audience knows and trusts your business, such as Facebook fans or previous customers, your offer can be a higher cost to your audience with a shorter sales funnel. Under normal circumstances though, higher cost offers will need to persuade your audience with a longer sales funnel with more steps going over the offer. You often see this type of offer and sales funnel with online personalities serving up an offer that gets you to click. Then once you are in the sales funnel they provide a video sequence (usually 3 separate videos) to convince you to take part in the offer. 

Another decision you will need to make is the format of your offer. Is your offer going to be a single image? Maybe it will be multiple images. How about in video format? Once you have your offer, the way you display your offer to your audience will impact how well your offer converts. A good rule of thumb is to go with a a format that works well with the platform you are using to serve that offer. Also test, test, test the offer/ad to find out which format converts higher for your audience. 

Our Offer to You.

This article is far from all there is to know in forming great offers for your ads. If you would like to speak to us about your business in particular to learn more about our Marketing Funnel system and how we help you form great offers just contact us by email, phone, text, or even the form below.  No cost is involved so you really can’t lose.  

Paul Galbreath

I help local businesses market their products and services in a way that gets people to Know, Like, and Trust them which then leads to Buying from and Referring them too!

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