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In continuing our expansion on our previous blog post — Marketing Funnel. What we do for you– I wanted to add more detail about part 2 of what we do.

Before We Begin

I should tell you that if you missed step 1 covering — The Offer — I really think you should read that post first. We cover a couple things that will affect your Sales Funnel that you should know before going forward.  With that out of the way…..

The Sales Funnel

If you have heard anything about marketing in your life, you probably have heard of the sales funnel. If that isn’t familiar how about:

  • sales pipeline
  • customer journey
  • flywheel
  • customer conduit
  • lean funnel
  • conversion funnel

Now, granted with each of those different names there are some differences in what they are and what they accomplish. However, the main goal seems to be the same — get buying customers.

When it comes to our Marketing Funnel system we consider the sales funnel to be a collection of tools and processes we use to bring your targeted audience to your lead capture tools and ultimately have these leads complete your call to action.

Building the Sales Funnel

With our Marketing Funnel system we primarily use social media ads to get the attention of your audience and then we try to lead them through a set of steps to accomplish your goal. 

In our earlier post we said you need to have two things before you even begin: audience and goal. When you have decided on the audience and goal you can then create some sort of offer. That offer is then normally used as the ad for the beginning of your sales funnel. Now, your type of audience will help determine how many steps are needed to make your audience know,like, and trust you enough to finally complete your call to action.

Easy Example

If you’re a restaurant and your offering a coupon for a free appetizer when people give you their email address then this type of sales funnel is pretty simple. Your audience has nothing to lose and a free appetizer to gain. This offer is low cost and low trust on your audiences part. A simple sales funnel for this type of offer would look similar to the image below.


Your audience would see the offer on Facebook advertising a coupon for a free appetizer.

They decided to click on the ad and are taken to a simple landing page(a single website page) that explains the offer and then has a form asking for their email address. 

They type in their email address and press submit. Once that info is collected they are directed to another page thanking them for submitting their email and letting them know that their coupon will be emailed to their email address.

When the info was submitted and your now future customer is receiving their redirect to the thank you page, other software is sending them an email with the coupon for them to redeem in your restaurant. 

If your audience decided they would not opt in there is another path. We would take that part of your audience and retarget them with another offer that they might opt in for. Or we would retarget with more content that would help them know, like, and trust your restaurant more to where they feel comfortable trading their email address for an offer.

Usually, but not always, the higher the cost to your audience the longer the sales funnel becomes. This is due to having other steps in the funnel that help your audience learn more about your business and product. This might be a 3 part video series that goes over your business and the offer in detail. It could be a series of posts that walks them through more details and so on. I think you get the idea. 

Marketing Funnel

The good news about our Marketing Funnel system is that after initial onboarding and signing off on the offers being made, your business gets to sit back and relax as we do the work. We will create the ads featuring the offers. We build the sales funnels, which includes the landing pages, email delivery, etc. We get the ads running on the social media platforms and test and test for the best results. Then you get reports letting you know what’s happening at the intervals you request. 

Another Offer From Us to You.

Do you want to have a better idea of what a sales funnel would look like for YOUR offer? All you have to do is contact us with the form below and set up a time to talk. This is a free consultation so this offer is better than low cost for you, it’s no cost! See what we can do to help you with your offers and sales funnels.

Paul Galbreath

I help local businesses market their products and services in a way that gets people to Know, Like, and Trust them which then leads to Buying from and Referring them too!

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