marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel

Our Marketing Funnel system is designed to use ads and offers to catch your prospects interests in your products and services and have them commit to a call to action.

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Find your clients, then market to them!

Organic Reach for Branded Facebook Pages Is 2% on Average*

Having a Facebook Page for your business is not online marketing. In fact, the average reach for those page posts is a low 2%!

That's why we have developed our Marketing Funnel System!

Our Marketing Funnel System

Strategy Planning

We work with you to come up with great offers and incentives for your ad.

Google My Business optimization

We identify key ways to enhance your listing quality, improve your search rankings, and how to incorporate ads.

Website audit

We audit your website to ensure that ad traffic will be directed to the correct pages.

Ad Creation

We work with you to create the actual ads that will be used in the ad campaign.

Funnel Creation

We walk you through each step your prospective customers will go through before completing your call to action and what happens after!

Landing Page Creation

We will create unique web pages that are for use for the ad campaign only.

Link Tracking

We will set up link tracking wherever possible so we can get data on your prospects actions.

Ad Testing

We create more than on ad and use these different variations to see which works the best.

Pixel Installation

For Facebook ads we will include their pixels where needed to help with tracking and re-targeting your prospects.


Using different tools we will re-target prospects that showed interest in your offers and incentives and engage with them to complete the call to action.

Email Automation

Emails automation will be used to collect leads, deliver offers, and more. We will set this up and monitor for you.


As we go through the Marketing Funnel process we will be happy to train you on the entire process.

Come up with a plan.

Now is the time to think of great offers and incentives to get your ideal customers interested in your products and services.

Advertise where your customers are.

Take those great offers and incentives and put them in front of your ideal customers. There were 2.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of June 30, 2018! Narrow these numbers down to the demographics of your ideal client.

Serve your AD, then follow up.

Show your ads to your ideal clients then follow up with email, pixels, re-targeting and more to get them to complete your call to action!

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