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Marketing Funnel. What we do for you.

Today, I’m going to write about what we do for you when you sign up for our Marketing Funnel System and how it compares to a couple of other forms of marketing.

I know some of you business owners out there still might be skeptical about digital or social marketing as a whole. Yet, I keep seeing you continue to use older methods of marketing such as billboards and direct mail. While I don’t want to make this a post about trashing these forms of marketing, lets just say that they tend to be outdated at best.

With digital marketing, using Facebook Ads as our Marketing Funnel System does, you get to take the “good parts”(such as audience size, geographical based, local, etc) of those other forms of marketing and get to do much more. By much more I mean:

You’re Able to Reach Your Audience Where They Are.

According to Facebook data as of January of 2018, 1.4 BILLION people use Facebook everyday. Granted, I’m sure your business isn’t trying to market to all 1.4 billion people, but the people you are trying to market to are there. I can guarantee there are more people visiting Facebook everyday in your local area compared to the number of people carrying around your direct mail piece in their pockets.

Targeting. Targeting. Targeting.

This title could have been titled Data. Data. Data. With 1.4 billion users everyday comes that user data. Facebook does not sell the data, but it does allow people to use that data to really laser target the users that are your ideal clients. Want to target people in a certain geographical area that like to shop at Publix? You can do that and much more using Facebook ads.


The ability to retarget people who have been to your website, your landing page, watched your videos, and even engaged with your Facebook page is incredible. I have never seen a billboard or direct mail piece retarget people that have seen them and then give me the ability to market directly to these same people.


I’m not sure why cost for Facebook ads is really an issue or concern since you control the ad spend throughout the marketing process. Unlike direct mail, where you must pay for postage and printing cost for the entire number of pieces upfront, with Facebook you can update your spend at anytime.

What We Do For You.

With all of the positives listed above, Facebook Ads are still a process. And that process is not one that you set and forget. I think that’s why many of us business owners don’t want to deal with them. It’s much easier to approve a postcard design and have it bulk mailed and feel as if we are marketing our business than really digging in and spending the time needed to take advantage of all Facebook ads have to offer. That’s where teaming up with us at Advanced System Marketing comes in.

With our Marketing Funnel System we take what Facebook Ads offer and add in additional tools and tricks to automate the process for you. We take the whole system and break it down to 4 parts that we Do For You, so you can spend time running your total business and not just the marketing aspect of your business. Those 4 parts are as follows:

Special Offer

We work with you to come up with a great offer that will attract your ideal target customer.

Since we’re putting your business in front of your ideal customers, you need to have an offer that will attract them to your business.

We’ll work with you to craft the type of offer that is not only effective on Facebook, but will be cost-efficient for your business.

Sales Funnel

We’ll set up a sales funnel that brings leads into your business and converts those leads to sales.

We’ll be building your email list WHILE attracting your ideal customers to your business.

We’ll create the necessary landing pages and sales funnel that collects people’s name, email address and phone number, and delivers your offer.

We’ll also work with you to ensure you have a sales process set up for when people call or come into your business.

Ad Campaign

We’ll create, manage and oversee your Facebook ads campaign — start to finish Running Facebook ads is an art and we specialize in getting results.

We’ll create the kind of ad copy that converts on Facebook as well as any necessary images (you’ll have full input on these elements, too. In fact, collaboration from the business is always the best bet).

We take care of everything in running the Facebook ads, managing and monitoring them on a daily basis and ensure that you’re getting all the leads to your email CRM on a daily basis.


We’re all about keeping our clients “in the know” so we’ll send you a weekly breakdown of the results we’re getting, including cost per lead, how many ideal customers we’re reaching, and more…

You’ll know exactly how the Facebook ads are performing for your business.

Simplified Look.

Okay, those 4 steps are a simplified version of what we Do For You when you sign up for our Marketing Funnel System. But lets be honest, if you wanted to know every last detail of creating ads, the ad campaign, the sales funnel, all the different a/b testing, hot traffic versus cold traffic, etc that we do, you would be actively running ads already! The Marketing Funnel System simply gets your business marketing correctly with Facebook Ads while you are busy running other parts of your business!

If You’re Ready

If you and your business are ready to take your marketing to the next level, we should talk. Just contact us via our contact page or call/text us @ 321-345-3065. We will answer any questions you have and can even send you a custom proposal for your business.

Paul Galbreath

I help local businesses market their products and services in a way that gets people to Know, Like, and Trust them which then leads to Buying from and Referring them too!

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