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Managing Content Creation.

Confusing, difficult, and stressful have all been used when describing managing content creation on a consistent basis. Many have tried to use spreadsheets to get a handle on all of the different things that need to happen for great content creation. But, spreadsheets are hard to manage in real-time, and are hard to manage with multiple team members.

The good news is with the software available today, there is no more need for those pesky “old school” spreadsheets used by everyone on the team to keep up with content creation! Today’s software now gives you great calendar views, drag and drop of media files, and an ease of team collaboration that no spreadsheet could offer when creating content. With this article we are going to list a few places to get software that will enable you to build a content calendar that keeps everyone up to date with those daunting due dates and tasks!


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This is an online calendar that allows for all members of the team to view the same work flow at any given time. This feature allows more time for planning since the entire team can contribute to tasks and see those tasks updated. CoSchedule even integrates with tools like WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Evernote. There are different pricing options that come with different add-ons to best benefit your type of business.
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Another online calendar that is cheaper in pricing than CoSchedule, but still comes with many benefits and options depending on the size of your business/team. Not only does this calendar come with a list view and basic calendar view, but it can also store all content types in your library. Of course, Loomly, also integrates with all your favorite social media. 
And lastly,

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The website that our team, Advanced System Marketing, uses to share the content ideas and content creation workflow.  With Asana you are able to create different tasks and assign them to specific people or the entire group. In these tasks team members are able to leave comments back and forth and share different media types. As tasks get finished you simply mark complete and move on to the next task. You can view pricing  here.

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