Local Marketing Ideas that don’t Break the Bank.

We know, as a small marketing business in Melbourne Florida, deciding how to spend your marketing budget is hard. With that in mind we thought we would share a couple of local marketing ideas that don’t break the bank. You can use these often and still have money to use on more costly ideas. How will you put these ideas to use?

Host an Event

host an event
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A great way to showcase your authority of a subject or your products and services, events do not need to be expensive. These events can take place at your own place of business or somewhere as simple as a meeting room at the public library. As long as you bring value to your audience, many will not care about how much money is spent throwing the event. Don’t just sell, bring value!

Keep  Business Listings Current


Please make sure your business is keeping your online business listings current. Just recently my wife and I were in Dunedin, Fl on a little vacation. We were searching for ice cream on Google. In the nearby downtown area there were two businesses to choose from. We looked over the menu and ice cream flavor selections at each place and decided on which one to go to based solely on one flavor of ice cream being available. Of course,when we get to the one we picked, they no longer carry this flavor. We decided to stay anyway, but were a little bummed. For the business this could have turned out much worse if we had given them a low review showing others our disappointment. Alas, the point is that it cost nothing to update your business listings.  

Volunteer at a Community Event

Want a great way to get into the public view while making a positive difference? Think about volunteering for community events. It’s hard to beat the feeling you get when donating time to a good cause. Positive recognition for your business is just a bonus.

Partner with other Local Businesses


Think of ways you can partner with other local businesses to create win-win scenarios for both of your businesses and your customers. We partner with several companies, we call service partners, to help our customers with products and services that we don’t provide. You can also make these partnerships events only happen at certain times. That same downtown where we had our issue with the business listing also used this method to drum up business. Every second Friday of the month each establishment gave free samples of wine! It brought people to the downtown area to taste wine while shopping all the stores! You could do the same, it’s up to you to make it happen!

Testimonials and Reviews

According to BrightLocal “97% of Consumers Aged 18-34 Read Online Reviews to Judge a Local Business I recently needed to get my lanai screen repaired. The first thing I did was look at reviews of local screen repair businesses. If they were below a Rating of 3, I didn’t even research them further. Google is always looking for reviews and even social media is getting in the game now. Use these to your advantage by showcasing them whenever possible.

Social Media


You knew this had to be on the list. Granted, the social media companies are always changing their algorithms which can affect the number of people seeing what you share to these platforms. But, I contend that even if you do pay a little for more exposure to your audience that amount will still be cheaper than other marketing methods.

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