Local Marketing Basics with Instagram.

If you’re looking to learn some local marketing basics using Instagram you’re in the right place! Instagram can be the perfect place to connect with those nearby your business location which can help you gain a local following and local support. Below are a few basics you should be doing when using Instagram as a local marketing tactic for your business.

Visual First

Instagram is a photo-sharing based app. Being focused on visuals is what really helped Instagram get a following and set itself apart from other social media apps when it first came out. This means telling a story visually first, then with words second, is how to get people interested in your local businesses services and products. We all know the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, but with Instagram it rings true. To get noticed on Instagram your images and videos need to be something creative enough to catch peoples attention. Luckily for your business using pictures and video to showcase your brand and even showing some behind the scenes action in your business world can gain peoples attention. You can then funnel this attention toward the products and services your local business offers. 

Tag your location

 This tip might seem like a no brainer, but if you want to let people know where your business is located, then simply add a location to your post! While using Instagram to post a photo, you are given the option to tag your location! Simply click on the words Add Location found under the area where you write your caption. Then add you location.

instagram add a location


This feature is a great way to let other users know that your business exists when they search for this specific location on Instagram! Once you add your location to your post, the post will be shown with others with the same location added to them. That currently looks like this…

instagram location added 

Speaking of location. Please put your business location in your business profile! This is another simple way of getting people to know where your business is located. If local business is important to you then use this profile space to let people know where you are located!

Use hashtags

Another large benefit is not only can you tag your location, but, you can use hashtags. Hashtags are used all over media platforms and they allow for users to search keywords and see posts that fall under those topics. Marketing is all about getting the word out there, making your business known, so using hashtags is a great advantage. Get to know your local consumers, tag things that truly represent your business that they enjoy. If you own a coffee shop, use things such as #coffee and #goodforthesoul, you can even create a tag for your business’ name specifically so those who stop by can not only tag your business’ Instagram, but use the hashtag that allows others to see it when they search for it! Anytime you can use local hashtags such as locations or events use them!

instagram local marketing hashtags melbourne florida

Follow other local businesses and people

A great way to get your business noticed on Instagram locally is to follow other locals in the area. Whether it is local businesses or local individuals, following locals is a great way to become part of the community. When you follow someone on Instagram they are alerted. Chances are, they will often return the favor and follow your account. This helps increase your number of followers, which in turn gets your posts out in front of more people that are in your local area. How do you find these local businesses and people? By location and hashtags!

instagram local marketing basics follow local people

Local events

One great way to get noticed on Instagram is to find local events and then somehow tie your business to them. The easiest way to do this is to actually be a part of this event and then post from the event as it is happening. If your business is not officially part of the event you can still discuss the local event in your posts. When discussing the local event make sure to use the events hashtags and locations in your posts. This way when people search Instagram for the local event your post have a chance of showing up!

instagram local marketing basics events

Free to use, but have the ability to run ads or pay for more views

 Everyone loves using a free product, and Instagram is apart of that. Normal usage of Instagram is 100% free to everyone, however, you are given the option to “promote” your posts so you can get more views. The amount it costs depends on how long you want your promotion to run and how much YOU want to spend. Promoting one of your posts allows for your post or multiple of your posts, to be seen within an audience that you have the ability to set guidelines for, whether that be age category or even location. Learn how to promote your posts here.

instagram local marketing paid post

Of course these are not the only things you can do with Instagram, but they will give your business a head start on gaining more attention to your business. Does your business already use these tips on Instagram? Do you have more ideas on how to use Instagram to market your local business? If so let us know in the comments below!

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