Local Marketing Basics with Facebook

Facebook has nearly 2.23 billion active monthly users, meaning there are plenty of users near you! This fact alone makes Facebook a great place to market locally!

But,there is more to marketing on Facebook then just creating posts and begging people to like them! You need to first come up with a strategy as to how you will use Facebook to meet your marketing goals and objectives.

Luckily Facebook has been a popular social media platform for businesses, bands, groups, and individuals to post about “What’s going on” and share their ideas, content, or promotions for years. This means that there are clear and proven ways to begin using Facebook for basic local marketing. Let’s take a look at the local marketing basics with Facebook every business should be putting to use for their own business.

Start with Creating a Page

Facebook allows you to create a page specifically for your business, making it easy to market your business, to do so, from your personal page click the drop down arrow and click “create a page”, you will then be presented with this screen.


Of course, next is to create your business page! All you have to do is follow along with the prompts to build a page for your business. Once created you can start posting automatically and share your page with all your Facebook friends.

Make posting various pieces of content to help bring awareness to your business and it’s products and services a part of your strategy. Posting different types content will help create a following/audience. These different types of content can be text, images, and even video. Have a clear plan for each piece of content you share to your page and how that piece will help you achieve your business goals that are part of your larger overall marketing strategy. The content you post on the your page needs to be seen by your prospective customers. But, what do you do when your page posts don’t reach the number of people you wished they did?

Boost a Post

Start creating posts for your business, after that you will be able to “boost” specific posts with your ideal target group. There is a section that allows you to set who you would like to see your content and how much you’d like to spend boosting this content. This image shows how you can boost a post and choose its audience, budget, and duration.

One of the great things about being able to decide your audience is the ability to pick audience by location! This is a key component of getting the most out of boosting a post geared toward marketing locally. If boosting a specific post isn’t enough, you can create a promotion!  



Promotions are the next step in marketing your business on Facebook locally. Sure, it includes boosting a post, but there are many more options available to you and your business to take advantage of.


When creating a promotion you are given the following options to choose from:

  • Get a Custom Advertising Plan: “1: Answer a few questions that will help us better understand your business. 2: We’ll suggest a custom advertising plan that fits your goals and budget. And 3: Your ads will automatically optimize over time to help you save time and get better results.”
  • Boost a Post: Discussed above
  • Get More Messages: Create an ad to connect and chat with potential customers.
  • Promote Your Business Locally: Connect with people nearby.
  • Promote Your Learn More Button: Create an ad that includes the call-to-action button from your page
  • Promote your page: Promotion runs on the side of the desktop page or in between posts on the app.
  • Get more Website Visitors: This allows you to add your URL to your main website in your promotion.
  • Get more Leads: This is how you can get information about your consumers or those who already follow you. Request information that allows you to contact those about your business.


Another benefit to using Facebook for local marketing is the ability to share information. Not only can this be used as a great place for communication between your consumers and the business itself, but it allows for you to share the information needed for those who view the page to know what it is that your business does. Facebook allows for you to share URLs, Locations, and content. Not only can you share information about your business yourself but it even has a review section for anyone to comment on your business and review it for others to see! This can be a huge benefit while someone is looking into your business to see if it is right for them.

What do you think?

Overall we think Facebook is a great place to market locally because it allows you to set targeted groups(age, location, relation, etc), allows you to speak to consumers directly, share information about your business, and allows you to share posts with unlimited characters, pictures, and videos. Whether using the free options or paid, marketing with Facebook is a great tool your business can use today to reach local customers. Do you use Facebook for your local marketing? If so let us know your thoughts!


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