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If you're looking to create lasting relationships with your customers (you should!) inbound marketing is the method you should be using right now!

Help your prospective customers achieve their goals now and in turn create more opportunity to sell and serve later.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is just a fancy way of saying you are trying to attract customers as opposed to constantly interrupting them. You are positioning yourself as a guide or someone that can help your customer accomplish their goals by using content and other means to attract them to your products or services.

To better help you understand Inbound Marketing we have broken it down into 6 different steps. Each step is vital when it comes to the inbound marketing process. Done correctly your business will be seen as a trusted friend and not as just some business trying to make a buck.

6 Steps of Inbound Marketing

Strategic Planning

Now is the time to assess where you are and where you want to be in becoming that trusted adviser for your buyer. Take some time to look at your entire marketing approach and see what changes need to be made to build relationships based on educating and helping and not selling.


When trying to build relationships with your business contacts, it's important to store details and context about each contact in a central location. 

Buyer Avatar

Knowing who your customers are is a huge step in marketing efficiently. What are their challenges, fears, objections, and goals. What's their background both demographics and psychographics? Learn these and you will begin to help and support your buyers in even more ways.

Avatar Journey

What is the path your avatar is taking to solve their problem? Are they researching and educating themselves on defining their problem? Have they decided what their issue is and are now looking for solutions? Maybe they have decided on a solution and are now looking for the best service or product available.


Creating content that speaks to your avatar in the context matching the part of the journey they are in will help to attract, engage, and delight. Blogs, images, videos, social media, and other things are great, but they are only effective when there is context.

Goal Setting

What's working? What's not working? Continued goal setting is an important part of any marketing effort. These goals help to give meaning to the actions you take. 

Marketing Systems 

Our marketing systems that can help you succeed with Inbound Marketing.

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