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Local Marketing Basics with Facebook


Facebook has nearly 2.23 billion active monthly users, meaning there are plenty of users near you! This fact alone makes Facebook a great place to market locally! But,there is more to marketing on Facebook then just creating posts and begging people to like them! You need to first come up with a strategy as to […]

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Local Marketing Basics with Instagram.


If you’re looking to learn some local marketing basics using Instagram you’re in the right place! Instagram can be the perfect place to connect with those nearby your business location which can help you gain a local following and local support. Below are a few basics you should be doing when using Instagram as a local […]

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Managing Content Creation.

Manage content creation featured image

Confusing, difficult, and stressful have all been used when describing managing content creation on a consistent basis. Many have tried to use spreadsheets to get a handle on all of the different things that need to happen for great content creation. But, spreadsheets are hard to manage in real-time, and are hard to manage with […]

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5 websites for great marketing images!

great marketing images

Marketing in today’s world is all about attention. You have seconds to grab your targeted customers attention and aim it toward your businesses products and services. One way to get your customers attention is using great images. Just as billboards, commercials, and magazines all use images, using great images on social media, your website, and […]

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