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Easy to Use, Effective, Affordable Marketing Systems. 

Our Goal

Even though the methods of marketing have changed, we believe the goal is still the same: 

Get your prospective customers to Know, Like, and Trust your business so they will then Buy from and ultimately Refer you to others.

We work with you to develop a game plan that makes the most out of the time you devote to marketing your business. You don’t have to try and reinvent the wheel or chase after the latest and greatest marketing schemes. Our systems help you develop a plan to meet your goals. Then we teach you the tools you need to make your plans a reality on a consistent basis.

Our Team

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Paul ​Galbreath


Paul Galbreath founded Covale Media LLC in 2010 after working in real estate. While a Realtor he could see how proper marketing could really make a difference in the success of a business. Paul went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with a focus on web development, to better understand the new tools that were being developed that could be used in marketing.

Fast forward 8 years and Covale Media LLC, is now Advanced System Marketing LLC. Paul now works with local businesses in the Brevard County Florida area helping them nail down their marketing systems! 

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Content Writer

When not working toward her Bachelor of Science degree in Health studies, Vanessa researches for great resources our customers can use. Vanessa also contributes written content for our blog.

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Service Partners

These are the few select service providers we work with to help deliver the great products and services needed to keep your marketing rolling! 


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