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5 websites for great marketing images!

Marketing in today’s world is all about attention. You have seconds to grab your targeted customers attention and aim it toward your businesses products and services. One way to get your customers attention is using great images. Just as billboards, commercials, and magazines all use images, using great images on social media, your website, and online ads is a great way to catch the attention of the people on those platforms.

But where do you get those great images? Finding images that are free to use without paying royalties, while being high quality can be rough. Luckily, there are many websites that have their images licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License(CC0), meaning these creators/photographers will allow others to use their work(photos) for free, build upon it, and share the content to other blogs and websites.

So, if you’re not out there creating your own photos for your business to use take a look at these 5 websites that allow you to use their images at no cost to your business.


cupcake for great marketing images

All the images on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License, CC0. Not only are these images free for usage, but you can also modify and distribute these photos as well, even if you plan on using them commercially.



freepik for great marketing images

While this website allows you to use their icons and images made by their graphic teams, you do need to leave credit for the designer. However, they do offer a premium plan at $9.99 per month to use their images without any accreditation.

Realistic Shots

realistic shots for great marketing images

This website provides more realistic stock photos, not just a couple laughing over their salads, they are also licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License(CC0). Not only are they better stock photos but they also add 7 new photos a week!


pexels for great marketing images

Pexels is another website that offers stock photos that are licensed under the CC0. They even have free videos that can be used as well.

Skitter Photo

skitterphoto for great marketing images

This website was started in 2014 by a couple of amateur photographers. Now they have a website that is largely searched for quality images.


Since we here at Advanced Systems Marketing are all about providing value I actually have 2 more websites you can get photos from too.


pixabay for great marketing images



unsplash for great marketing images


Now, go get those free images and get back to work!

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